Our Services

We assess your floors to see whether they require major or minor repairs.


Exposed to the elements, decking can rapidly succumb to the impact of weathering, resulting in an unsightly surface tarnished by dirt, scratches, and sun damage. Fortunately, rejuvenating your decking doesn’t have to be a daunting task; our quick and straightforward restoration process breathes new life into your outdoor living space.

Our meticulous approach involves careful sanding of the entire deck area, stripping away the unsightly, peeling layer of old wood fibers that have been beaten down by time and weather. This process reveals the ‘like-new’ wood fibers concealed just beneath the surface, effectively erasing years of wear and tear.

After this rejuvenation, we apply a fresh coat of anti-slip decking oil or stain, depending on your preference. This not only provides a smart, updated finish but also extends the longevity of your decking, protecting it against future wear and weathering.

Fire Hearth Removal

Revamp your living space by saying farewell to that unsightly concrete slab left from an old fireplace. At our company, we specialize in the efficient removal of redundant fire hearths, replacing the void with perfectly fitted, aesthetically pleasing reclaimed floorboards or parquet blocks.

By meticulously matching the new additions with your existing flooring, we ensure a seamless transition, transforming the former hearth space into an integral part of your beautiful floor. This is an effective way to revitalize your room, providing an updated, uniform look while maintaining the charm and character of the original flooring.

Remember, there’s no need to live with the remnants of a bygone era. Let us assist you in refreshing your interior with our expert fireplace removal service.

Restoration of WOODEN stairs: stripping, sanding, and sealing

Stairs, with their intricate details and heavy foot traffic, are often perceived as challenging to maintain. It’s no surprise that they frequently become overlooked, hidden beneath layers of carpet, or painted over, generation after generation. While stripping and restoring stairs requires meticulous attention to detail and can be labor-intensive, the exceptional results are undoubtedly worth the effort.

Our comprehensive service includes stripping and sanding the entire tread and risers. We are able to restore the natural beauty of the wood or apply a stain of your choice to enhance the grain and character of the material. Additionally, we offer a unique twist with the option of painting the riser white while leaving the tread with a clear or stained sealant. This can create a striking visual contrast, adding a design feature to any property and giving your staircase a contemporary lift.

Please note that our focus is primarily on the steps themselves—the treads and risers. At this time, we do not typically handle the restoration of banisters.