Wood Floor Sealing

Varnishing, Waxing & Oiling


Gone is the old ‘plastic’ look. Modern lacquers have a silky sheen in a matt, satin or high gloss finish.

These products are typically used for mid to heavy traffic areas. They are more durable than waxes and easier to maintain.

A polyurethane lacquer is highly resistant to wear but can create discoloration to the floor beneath. Not being a natural material, it can also restrict the breathability of your wooden floor.

For areas experiencing lighter usage, a good choice is a part polyurethane/part acrylic floor varnish. It will not yellow or darken the wood.
We always recommend at least three applications of lacquer. Leave the floor for 24 hours to ensure full strength sealing.
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Natural Oil

An organic finish popular for its natural look and ease of
maintenance, oil has good water-repellent characteristics. It also resists scuffs and abrasions.

Although it tends to dry out in humid conditions, maintenance is easy. Simply apply more coats to top-up the finish and cover minor damage.

Oil comes in matt or satin finishes, with each oil taking up to 8-12 hrs to dry.

Let us demonstrate the properties of oils and the various other sealants for you.

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Hardwax Oil

An organic product based on natural vegetable oils and waxes, this has become very popular in recent years. It provides a good balance between lacquer and natural oil – offering both durability and a natural look. As with natural oil, hardwax oil emphasis the natural grain of the wood – and brings out its inherent colour.

Being micro-porous, it does not crack, flake, peel or blister. As it is less prone to drying out than natural oil, it is good for areas of high humidity.

Its value is demonstrated with one of our jobs in a house in Twickenham. The parquet floor had excellent adhesive qualities but the proximity of the river meant the blocks were getting damp. After sanding, we found that a water-based finish went white and peeled off within two days.

So we used an oil-based stain followed by three coats of Osmo hard wax. This not only blocked moisture rising from beneath but adhered splendidly to the wood surface.
The owners were delighted: they avoided the major work of replacing their floor – and saved a great deal of money.

Hardwax oil is easily maintained by either applying more coats or a ‘revive coat’ which is a thinned down version. Ask us for your free assessment when we will help you find the most appropriate finish for your particular floor.


Wax is a completely natural and safe floor finish: for you, your family, your home and the environment. It leaves the softest and most mellow of finishes and your floor is able to breathe naturally.Wax finishes require two applications.

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