Wooden Floor Repairs & Gap Filling – London


Removal / Replacement of Damaged Boards

We’ll assess the floorboards for damage and unevenness. Loose boards will be realigned, removing any old tacks and nails. Protruding nails are hammered flat.

For those boards damaged beyond repair, we will replace them – wherever possible – with reclaimed timber of the same quality and age.


Gap filling

The even look of a gap-filled floor is pleasing to the eye but not always necessary. Filling gaps does prevent

both draughts and the build up of dust between the gaps. It also tightens the floor and helps prevent timber movement.


Traditional methods of gap filling include:

*resin mix – mostly used on parquet and mosaic floors with lots of fine gaps. Dust from the floor is mixed with a resin and applied to the gaps with a filling knife.


wooden strips

Solid fillets of reclaimed pine and other timbers are glued, forced into the gaps, and chiselled back before sanding flat.

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