Wooden Floor Maintenance London

Ease of maintenance is a major advantage of a wooden floor. A lacquered floor just requires regular sweeping and/or vacuuming to remove dirt and grit. Avoid revolving vacuum cleaner brushes and excess moisture. A damp mop and a wooden floor cleaner, as recommended by the manufacturer, will do the job.

If appropriate, specialist products can be used to maintain the finish. As the floor loses its lustre over time, refinish it with new coats of lacquer. Simply give the original surface a light sanding down – and recoat.

Waxed and oiled wooden floors can undergo similar sweeping and mopping – to be then buffed to maintain their shine. Wax, or a combination wax and liquid cleaner, may need a once or twice yearly application to keep the floor in optimal condition. Apply wax evenly across the entire floor, leave to dry for 20 minutes – and buff to the desired finish.

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