Commercial Floor Sanding

Commercial Floor Sanding and Renovation

Numerous commercial establishments—from schools and museums to bars and restaurants, from gyms to offices—understand the value and visual appeal that a beautifully crafted and well-maintained wooden floor brings. Not only is a wooden floor robust enough to handle high traffic, but it also significantly enhances the overall atmosphere of a workspace or public area. A well-preserved wooden floor in a retail shop or dining establishment can be a welcoming sight, encouraging customers to enter, stay longer, and return.

We appreciate the importance of limiting business downtime. Therefore, we strive to keep disruptions to a minimum, working around your specific requirements. Our team operates flexible hours, often undertaking floor renovations outside of traditional business hours, including evenings or weekends.

Certain projects can present unique challenges. For instance, when we undertook the floor renovation for Estee Lauder, it required the removal of hairdressing chairs, dryers, and massage tables. The condition of the exposed floor was far from ideal due to hair lacquer and wax deposits, substances less floor-friendly than their wood-specific counterparts.

Addressing this unique situation, we applied five coats of slip-resistant matt lacquer to the floor to handle not only heavy footfall but also daily chemical spills. Our dedicated teams worked overnight in five shifts over 12 hours, utilizing air conditioning equipment for quick drying between each lacquer coat. The remarkable result was that the salon was ready to resume business the next day!

Our commercial floor sanding and renovation services aim to refresh and revitalize your business spaces, enhancing their aesthetic appeal and contributing to a more inviting environment for your clients and visitors.

In today’s commercial environments, first impressions are a key to success.